• Expression modeling
  • Bayesian Cognitive modeling in pymc3
  • Gaussian Process for eye movement
  • iMap4

Current Projects

Junpeng Lao, PhD

I am Junpeng Lao, currently a postdoc in the Department of Psychology at the University of Fribourg under the supervision of Dr Roberto Caldara.

With a background in Psychology (B.Sc. from Sun Yat-sen University and PhD from the University of Glasgow) and a deep interested in Mathematics and Computation, I study the computational nature of the neural system using various techniques including psychophysics, eye tracking, EEG, fMRI, and computation models. My PhD thesis is about the modulation of high-level social inferences (i.e., Culture) on visual perception (e.g., face perception). One of my current focus is to model the individual visual perception profiles and their efficiencies (i.e., how visual perception could be archived using various types of strategies).

I am very passionate about Statistics and Scientific Computing. For example, I develop and maintain iMap4 - a Matlab toolbox for eye movement analysis using linear mixed models. I also contributed to various open-source software (e.g., Tensorflow). Currently, I am a member of pymc-devs and a regular contributor to PyMC3. To me, understanding the tools I am using is an essential part of my research, and the best way to achieve that is to build one from scratch.

I interact with my data mostly in Python and Matlab, occasionally in R. You can find more information on the projects I am working on in Github. My academic activities could be found on my Google Scholar profile and my Curriculum Vitae.